Update: Victim, suspect dead in Little Rock after burglary

Authorities say one person was found dead in a home and a possible suspect was killed by a Little Rock police officer after a burglary report.
Scene of officer-involved shooting on Thayer Street (Dustin Barnes, FOX16)
Scene of officer-involved shooting on Thayer Street (Dustin Barnes, FOX16)
Update: Little Rock Police identified the suspect shot and killed by the officer as 19-year-old Charles Edward Murray, Jr.

LITTLE ROCK, AR - Little Rock Police shut down this Capitol View neighborhood to collect evidence after a shooting involving one of its own. Sgt. Cassandra Davis tells FOX16 the homeowner at 204 Thyer street called them after getting word of a burglary. Police arrived and saw a man running from the home.

"The young man did display a weapon,” Sgt. Cassandra Davis with the Little Rock Police Department said. “We are investigating to see if that man did fire a round. We do know that our officer did fire one round, striking that young man."

That suspected burglar died at the hospital. The officer only suffered cuts.

Backup officers went to the house to check on things and found two men-one inside the house and one outside. Both men had with gunshot wounds. The man found outside went to the hospital, while the man found inside died in the home.

"it was just kind of like repetitive, little bursts, 2 or 3 at a time," witness Chris Fuller said.

Chris Fuller says the shots caught them by surprise. They stayed still in their house until they heard police and saw crime scene tape, an indication they could go outside.

"It's kind of crazy. I'm not gonna lie, especially around here. This is a nice neighborhood and all that," Fuller said.

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