Update with Video: Searcy Store Robbed Early Sunday Morning

Update with Video: Searcy Store Robbed Early Sunday Morning

Man holds up clerk at Searcy store.
Updated (June 3):
The Searcy Police Department has released video taken from surveillance cameras of the Sunday morning armed robbery of a gas station.

The video was recorded from the store cameras onto a police detective's cell phone since the store said it could take until the end of the week before they could access it. 

Original report (June 2):
SEARCY, AR - Early Sunday morning, officers with the Searcy Police Department were called to the Valero Gas Station at 2000 South Main for a report of an armed robbery. When officers arrived they spoke with the clerk. The clerk told officers that he was kneeling down behind the counter stocking cigarettes.

The clerk said that he heard the door chime and looked up to see a white man wearing a black hoodie and some sort of mask covering half of his face. The clerk also told police that the suspect was pointing a pistol at his face demanding money from the cash register.

The clerk complied with the suspect's demands and gave him an unknown amount of cash. The suspect then walked out of the store, got into a vehicle described as a black truck with body damage and no muffler, and drove away.
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