Voting Results Now Final Across Central Arkansas

Voting Results Now Final Across Central Arkansas

The Sherwood electric ordinance was confirmed while voters in Hot Springs decided to keep their city government the same.
LITTLE ROCK, AR - Results for races across Central Arkansas are now final:

Sherwood Electric Issue

For: 1964, Against: 867
Following a petition drive, Sherwood voters decided whether they wanted the city council to retain an agreement with North Little Rock Electric to provide electricity to part of the city. With the measure passing, voters approved ordinance 1953. The energy issue will not be revisited.

White Hall Bond Issue
For: 464, Against: 45

The bond issue will fund the construction of a community center. The $4.5 million bond is designed to help fund a facility that would house conference rooms and meeting halls as well as family-oriented fun such as a pool, splash park, slides, and rock-climbing walls.

Watson Chapel Elementary School Millage
For: 588, Against: 326

Voters in the Watson Chapel School District went to the polls to decide whether to increase their millage rate by 2.3 mills to build a new elementary school. The approved rate increase will result in roughly $23 in additional payments annually.

Hot Springs Governing Issue
For: 242, Against: 2,720

Hot Springs residents went to the polls to decide whether the way their city is governed should be changed. With the "against" vote winning, that means the current system of a city manager and board of directors stays in place. A "for" vote would've transitioned Hot Springs to a mayor-city council setup.

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