Woman Arrested During Domestic Dispute Claims Innocence

A Russellville woman says she's now apprehensive to ever call law enforcement officers after she says she was wrongly arrested during an emergency.
RUSSELLVILLE, AR -- A woman who was arrested after a domestic dispute says she shouldn't be facing any charges at all.

"It blew my mind, no faith in the system anymore," said Christina Reynolds, who was arrested after an argument with her brother that turned physical.

Reynolds says her parents told Pope County Sheriff's deputies that she was the victim in the incident, but was placed in custody along with her brother.

"I can't imagine getting beat worse than I did, and them taking me in when there were two people saying, 'No she was the one getting beat up,'" Reynolds said.

Reynolds said the altercation left her with physical signs of abuse.

According to the police report, her brother claims she pushed and scratched him.

His wife was the only witness at the scene to point the finger at Reynolds.

"I will never contact them again ever," Reynolds said. "To think I'm calling someone to come in and be my knight, and rescue me and my family," she said. "Then to get hauled into prison for no reason."

"We want to protect citizens of the county," said Pope County Sheriff Aaron Duvall.

Duvall says each side in a domestic disturbance has equal rights, and deputies can determine that there are two suspects who are also victims.

"Apparently he made that determination, and two people were cited," said Duvall.

Duvall says he hopes no one is afraid to call law enforcement, even though Reynolds says that's exactly what this has taught her.

"First time I've called police for a situation like that, and never, never will again," Reynolds said. "I'm shocked by the way it was handled."

Both Reynolds and her brother face charges of domestic battery in the third degree.
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