Woman Charged In DWI Crash

Woman Charged In DWI Crash

Woman faces a long list of charges after police say she crashed her car through a local restaurant.
LITTLE ROCK, AR -- A woman accused of crashing her car into a popular Little Rock restaurant and bar faces a long list of charges.

Police say Rosalyn Watson is charged with DWI, not having a driver's license or license plates and endangering a child who was in the car with her.

Meanwhile, employees at Pizza D'Actions got back to work right after the crash, still shocked by what happened.

For the second time in less than two years a car came crashing through Pizza D'Actions.

It first happened in December of 2011.

Then again Saturday afternoon.

The restaurant-bar is located near the intersection of Markham and Kavanaugh.

Employees say that may be part of the problem.

"Andy" said, "If you went from Booker, west you're going to see nothing but no left turn signs...not so much right here."

A man driving on Booker tried to make a left turn but because there's a blind spot over the hill he never saw the woman driving east on Markham so the two cars hit and the woman drove onto the sidewalk, narrowly missing some motorcycles.

Cathy Jordan said, "Yeah...there were five motorcycles parked out here and I can not believe it didn't hit a one."

Unfortunately, the building didn't fare so well as the driver hit it head on.

With around 20 people inside the time of the accident, employees are just glad no one was hurt.

Jordan said, "It could've been a lot worse, obviously."

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