Woman May File Lawsuit After Dealing With A Leaky Roof

Woman May File Lawsuit After Dealing With A Leaky Roof

Woman upset over contractor leaving her with a leaky roof.
LITTLE ROCK, AR -- A Little Rock woman is stuck with a leaky roof and no answers after dishing out hundreds of dollars to get it fixed.

Things were fine for a couple weeks, then everything changed.

When it rains, it pours at Rita Culberson's home.

During a storm, she's got a routine in place by pulling out pots and pans to put on the floor and protect the inside of her home from rain damage.

After enjoying her new roof for a couple weeks, problems quickly surfaced and Culberson's ceiling began to cave in.

Culberson said, "Then all of a sudden one piece fell, another piece fell, then all of it started falling."

Culberson couldn't find the documentation, but says she paid Donald Grey Contracting $2000 to repair her roof.

We reached him by phone, but he hung up on us.

Culberson says she's having the same problem.

She says at first Grey did quick fix-its, but those didn't work and eventually Culberson says Grey just stopped answering her calls.

She said, "And I'm just fed up. It's not doing me any good."

Culberson gets emotional talking about this issue.

She says, for her, it's about more than an empty checkbook and leaky roof...it's about a responsibility she feels she's failing at.

"And I just don't have the means to do it and try to take care of my family," Culberson said to FOX16 reporter Melissa Schroeder.

Right now Culberson is in the process of going to small claims court and possibly filing a lawsuit.

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