Woman recalls hearing screams where body was later found

Woman recalls hearing screams where body was later found

Little Rock Fire Department's water rescuers wade through high water to find a woman’s body spotted in a creek in Boyle Park. Police don’t know much about the woman and hadn't gotten any calls about anyone missing.
LITTLE ROCK, AR - It's a team effort from rescuers and cadaver dogs to wade through creeks and paddle over debris to look for a woman spotted last night in Rock Creek that flows through Boyle Park.

"The body may be way down stream from where we think it is,” Captain Randy Hickman of the Little Rock Fire Department said. “There's no telling. It may be under a rock, a log. It may be pinned under debris.”

Hickman says four rescuers actually had the body but lost control of it after rushing water and debris pulled it away from them. Now they're backtracking and following the flow of the water.

”When water levels drop, we can see the bottom of the creek all the way down," Hickman said.

While police don't know the woman's identity, they tell FOX16 that a woman, who doesn't want to reveal herself, called 911 after hearing screams in the park as she drove by Sunday night.

"She just says, ‘Help! Help!’” the woman said. “That's all I heard. I didn't hear anything else, and by that time I picked up my phone immediately."

She says police came out and searched, but they didn't find anything. She tells FOX16 that she can't get the screams out of her head.

"I couldn't sleep Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, then Wednesday, I'm giving my daughter a bath, and I head on the news they found a body in Boyle Park," the woman said.
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