Wounded soldier's former coach speaks out

Quinton Ezeagwula's former football coach talks about the shooting that left the 18-year-old soldier wounded and another soldier dead.
Quinton Ezeagwula's former football coach talked to FOX16 about the shooting that left the 18-year-old soldier wounded and another soldier dead. Ezeagwula remains in the hospital tonight where he's listed in good condition. He graduated from Jacksonville High School last year.

"Quinton was so excited about going to the army.... [He said] 'I’m gonna be somebody; I'm gonna do something,'" says Jerry Wilson.

Police say Quinton Ezeagwula's dream made him the target of Abdulahakim Muhammad, a man said to have had issues with the military. He's accused of shooting Quinton and fellow soldier William Long outside an Army/Navy recruiting station located at Rodney Parham and Reservoir Rd. in Little Rock Monday. Long died, Quinton is recovering in the hospital.

"I was sort of just really torn that someone would target him because here he is going to stand up for freedom to serve our country."

Quinton's former football coach at Jacksonville High remembers him as a very determined young man who worked hard to get a spot on the team.

"He went from somebody on the sideline that says 'go team' to a starter for us. He always had a smile on his face, came to practice everyday, asked questions and got better."

Wilson believes these qualities helped Quinton earn a coveted position with the Army as a hometown recruiter. He hopes this incident doesn't deter Quinton from fulfilling his dream.

"I'd just like to say to Quinton hope you get better and just keep your head up and I hope you continue to serve the country."

Coach Wilson is keeping up with Quinton's condition through friends. He's glad to hear he's doing better and hopes to be able to visit him soon. Wilson says his heart goes out to the family of William Long.
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