Log Truck Driver in Deadly Accident Admitted to the Use of Meth Sometime During Probation

CLINTON, AR - The log truck driver involved in the deadly accident that killed two construction workers in Clinton appeared in court after admitting to authorities the day after the accident he had used meth.

Jerry Hickman, 39, was the man behind the wheel June 2 when according to the initial accident report a tire blew on HWY 65 in Clinton as he approached a construction site. It caused his load of logs to shift and overturn the truck. The accident killed two nearby construction workers and injured 19 others.

Prior to the accident, Hickman had a history with the law. He pled guilty in 2012 to possession for which he was placed under probation for 3 years.

Two days after the accident the 20th Judicial District Prosecuting Attorney's Office asked to have Hickman's probation revoked.

"Information stemming from the accident resulted in the probation revocation," Prosecuting Attorney Cody Hiland explained. "Now that's not any sort of comment on the investigation itself. The investigation itself is ongoing. At some point when State Police are done with that, they'll send us the review file and we'll determine if any violations occurred."

Hickman appeared in court for the probation revocation hearing July 1, but attorneys agreed to reschedule for a date in September.

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