Lonoke Co. Clerk Accused of Making Offensive Posts on Facebook

LONOKE COUNTY, AR -- An elected official in Lonoke County is accused of using derogatory language in a post on social media.
It was directed at Cristina James, the woman who runs a Facebook page called Concerned Citizens of Lonoke County.  The page has been critical of county government.  James admits she has been a thorn in the sides of county officials, frequently requesting copies of public documents.

"I may be aggravating them by asking for these things, but really and truly, I just want to know," James said.

James says Lonoke County Clerk Larry Clarke took his frustration too far in a series of posts on the Facebook page last Friday.

In one post James is called an "ugly little troll."  The post goes on to say "[expletive] if you don't need some makeup."

"I think that was pretty low," James said.

Another post reads, "I'm probably not the guy you want to f*** with."  James says the post was later edited to say "screw."

"It's wrong and it's a public official," James said.

Clarke wasn't at his office when we stopped by Monday, and he turned down our request to meet for an on-camera interview.

Over the phone, Clarke told us he didn't post any of the offensive comments and said his Facebook account had been hacked.

"I don't believe he was hacked," James said.  "I think he should resign."

James doesn't buy the excuse saying the edit suggests not a hacker but a politician trying to tone down public comments from a personal account that's now been deactivated.

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