LR Businesses Close Monday Due To Icy Weather

LITTLE ROCK, AR-- Several Little Rock businesses closed Monday because of bad weather.

Customers, like Tony Barnes, went to Best Buy, but the store was closed. He needed to get his phone fixed.

"The parking lot was completely empty," said Barnes.

Like many places in Little Rock, the store shut its doors.

Only a handful of businesses did open for service.

Bad roads and stranded cars left many people without transportation.

People, like Mona Hinton, who had to go to work regardless of the weather, had to go slow.

"It took me an hour this morning, where it usually takes me 25 minutes," said Hinton.

Hinton says thankfully most people stayed off the roads.

Now the attention turns to tomorrow to see what mother nature will bring and whether stores will reopen for business.

"I'm not too fond of winter," said Hinton.

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