LR Officials Discuss Possibility of Ride-Sharing Companies in the Capital City

LITTLE ROCK, AR - On one hand you have the public safety issue, on the other what some say is a lack of competition in the market, which they argue leads to poor service.

Tonight, city leaders are discussing both sides of the debate. Some on the board are talking about their own less than satisfactory experiences with taxi cabs in the city.

Competition, they argued could bring up the overall level of service.

Ride sharing companies like Uber and Lyft use applications on smartphone applications to connect riders to drivers.

They calls themselves technology companies, but some have argued they are transportation companies that should be subject to licensing and insurance requirements as more traditional for hire rides.

"Cities around the country are having these discussions. I know that Mr. Carpenter was on a conference call with 60 other city attorneys from other cities talking about these various issues," says Little Rock Mayor Mark Stodola.

The city board said tonight it would like to hear presentations from both ride sharing companies and traditional taxi cab operators before making any decisions on whether to allow the ride sharing in the city and if they do, what regulations will apply.

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