LRPD Aiming to Keep Florida Gang out of Arkansas

LITTLE ROCK, AR - "Happens quick, and then they move on quickly," says Captain Terry Hastings.

It's a recurring problem for the Little Rock Police Department (LRPD), smash and grabs in parked cars.

Thieves targeting what's on the inside.

Captain Hastings says, "Probably our biggest crime here in Little Rock right now is Auto B and E, people breaking into cars."

But this issue could be getting bigger.

"It's a concern here."

As departments from around the state are keeping an eye out for the Florida Felony Lane Gang.

"The FBI is working with us and we are trying to get a pattern to this, so we can get it shut down pretty quickly," says Hastings.

This gang actually got its name from this lane at your local bank. It's called the Felony Lane because it's so far away from the teller that the teller can't really tell who you are. And the Flordia Felony Lane Gang actually use disguises to steal your money.

"They target women around gyms, around daycares, they steal their purses looking for checks," says Hastings.

"They then find a prostitute or a female that's willing to participate with them, and they will put a wig on her, write a check, and then send her to the very last lane in a drive thru on a bank to cash the check."

Captain Hastings says these crimes happen quickly and the Felony Lane Gang doesn't stay around long.

"They watch and do their homework, and when the opportunity's right, they take advantage of it."

A Florida gang Little Police police hoping to keep out of Arkansas.

The LRPD says the best way to defend yourself is to simply not leave valuables in your car and always take your wallet, purse and checkbook with you.

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