Magnolia Cold Case Brought Back to Light

MAGNOLIA, AR (KTVE) - Mary Jimmie Shinn, known as "Bobo," has been missing from Magnolia for 36 years.

Her disappearance is still unsolved, but the Columbia County Sheriff's Office says it will not be closing the case, which dates back to July 1978.

"Her car was found abandoned, across the street of Smitty's Grocery Store. So, there's where it all began," says Columbia County Sheriff Mike Loe.

He says the case has left a mark on the south Arkansas town.

"The case has been a mystery of sorts. It changed Magnolia and Columbia County forever, when it happened. We were sort of a sleepy little town, where things like that didn't happen," says Loe.

Loe says he has been working on this case since he has been with the sheriff's office.

"This case was 10 months old when I got it in May 1979. It has cost me a few sleepless nights," says Loe.

Even after all of these years, he is hoping that they will soon be able to put the missing pieces together to solve this case.

"There is an answer to every case. It's just finding the right key and shoving it in the right lock. Somebody out there knows something. Eventually, we hope we put the right key in the right lock," says Loe.

Shinn's family plans to conduct a memorial service for her this Saturday in Magnolia. 

The service will be held at 2 p.m. at Central Baptist Church and is open to the public.

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