Man Charged With Girl's Murder 'Only Wanted to Scare' Teens in Car

LITTLE ROCK, AR -- The man who police say shot and killed a 15-year-old girl in Little Rock this weekend told police he wasn't trying to shoot anyone, and he only wanted to scare them.

Inside this police report it lays out what happened early Saturday morning when seven teenagers, aged 14 to 18, egged a man's car while allegedly trying to prank his son.

According to the report, when Willie Noble found out what happened, he told his wife, "Whoever it is, they will be back."

Police say one of the multiple shots 48-year-old Noble fired toward a car full of teenagers early Saturday morning killing 15-year old Adrian Broadway.

An arrest affidavit obtained lays out willie Noble's explanation of what happened.

He says shortly after he noticed the vandalism, a white vehicle pulled up next to his home.

When someone got out and began running toward his vehicle, he opened his door and started shooting.

Noble says he was not trying to shoot anyone he was just trying to scare them.

Noble now faces a first-degree murder charge for Adrian's death.

The teenagers told police they were pranking Noble's son, getting him back for a prank he did last year.

Something they now wish had never been done.

"As you know teenagers make mistakes and this was one of those mistakes," said Laguya Bland, one of Adrian's closest friends.

We spoke with those close to the situation who now have to return to McClellan High School without their friend.

"It's a rough time," principal Henry Anderson said.

Noble is being held in jail on a $1 million bond facing first-degree murder charges, terroristic act for the driver of the car's injuries from broken glass and five counts of aggravated assault for the other teens in the car.

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