Mayflower Business...One Year After The Oil Spill

MAYFLOWER, AR -- One year ago -- today -- thousands of gallons of oil spilled into a Mayflower neighborhood after the Pegasus Pipeline burst.

In minutes, the small community made national news.

The oil spill forced 20 families from their homes and the lawsuits mounted up against Exxon.

But some people had a much different experience.

Business owners we talked to today say they saw an increase in sales right after the oil spill as hundreds of workers came to Mayflower to clean up the mess.

Linda Evans owns a mom and pop restaurant and grocery store less than a mile from the spill site.

She said her sales went up 10% to 20% during the weeks following the pipeline burst.

Meanwhile, the local Subway franchise owner told us some of her regular customers disappeared for a bit because of the extra traffic.

But, she says catering lunch for 300 clean-up workers, for about a week, more than made up for the loss.

Milinda Holman said, "So with the decrease in our customers, the increase in the feeding of the Exxon workers really helped."

And a year later, most business owners say things are back to normal and their sales have not really been impacted one way or the other.

However, one business owner had a different kind of experience.

The owner of Mayflower RV sued Exxon claiming the road in front of his business shut down for weeks costing him more than $250,000 in sales.

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