Mayflower Oil Spill Still a Concern


MAYFLOWER, AR- Residents in Mayflower are still feeling the effects of the Exxon-Mobile pipeline that was carrying oil through Arkansas burst six months ago.

A stream of issues came about because of the Mayflower oil spill and KARK has followed through the legal battle and environmental issues.

"Of course I want it to be done," said Genieve Long. "Not just for me but for my community, my children, my friends and family."

Long has lived in Mayflower her whole life and took KARK to a cove that was a cause of concern during the spill as an off-shoot of Lake Conway.

Exxon officials have confirmed the possibility of residual oil still beneath the homes in the Northwoods neighborhood.

The Northwood cove became a cause of concern during the spill as an offshoot of Lake Conway.

Six months later, and an oily substance still collects on the tops of footprints in the mud.

Brown globs, resembling chocolate syrup, easily collected in mason jars.

"We can dig and you can still find oil seeping from the ground," said Long.

She has consistently come out to the cove since the spill, collecting water and pictures of everything she sees.

"We're half a year into it and there is still a lot of work that needs to be done," she said.

For sale signs litter the neighborhood where the spill happened and Long wonders, if the same kind of clean-up that took place in the cove happened here in residential areas.

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