Medical Marijuana Proposals Struggling to Get Signatures

LITTLE ROCK, AR - There are three weeks left to gather signatures for ballot initiatives for the November election.

There are two marijuana proposals collecting signatures right now, but insiders say the likelihood of either making it on the ballot are slim.

FOX16 first reported back in May that one of the two medical marijuana initiatives were stopping their efforts for 2014, citing the likelihood of not passing at the polls in November.

But backers of the other medical marijuana proposal which hopes to legalize marijuana are still trying to collect the needed signatures to turn in by July 7.

Arkansans for Compassionate Care says the two pot proposals have ended up confusing potential voters and eroded some support for either. And Mother Nature hasn't doled out any favors either.

"This has been the absolute worst winter we've had in probably 20 years and it's rained every weekend, so it's been bad trying to get signatures but we still have volunteers out there every opportunity that they have," says Melissa Fults.

Another ballot initiative, 'Give Arkansas a Raise' which aims to raise the state minimum wage, already has the needed signatures.

Supporters say they plan to turn in about 10,000 extra signatures, increasing the likelihood that voters will decide its fate in November.

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