Mike Ross is Democratic Nominee for Arkansas Governor

LITTLE ROCK, AR (News release) - From his campaign headquarters in downtown Little Rock surrounded by family, friends and supporters, Mike Ross said he was honored to receive the Democratic nomination for governor of Arkansas, following in the footsteps of governors like David Pryor, Mike Beebe and Bill Clinton. Ross, of Prescott, who now resides in Little Rock, is a former small business owner, state senator and U.S. Congressman. 

“I am humbled and tremendously honored by the results of tonight’s election,” said Ross. “I love my state and I am proud to call Arkansas home: always have and always will. I’m running for governor, because I have a positive vision for the future of Arkansas that is focused on improving education, including increased access to pre-k, more innovation in the classroom and a renewed focus on career and technical training. We will put college within reach for more people, create more and better-paying jobs across this state and cut taxes for working families and small businesses that are struggling to get by. I will use my experience of bringing people together to unite this state and make Arkansas an even better place to call home.” 

Ross said education is one of the main reasons he’s running for governor, which is why he’s campaigning to be the “education governor.” 

“As the son of public school educators, I know the transformative power a good education can have,” said Ross. “I want our children to start sooner and finish stronger, with every 4-year-old in Arkansas having access to a quality pre-kindergarten education. I want our public schools to become centers of innovation, and our teachers to have the support they need. I want our community colleges and universities to create even greater partnerships with industry so that we can grow the economy for everyone and develop the highly skilled, well-trained workforce we need to attract more and better-paying jobs to Arkansas. The future of our state depends greatly on education, and that’s why I want to be the education governor.” 

Ross said he left Congress because of the partisan bickering and dysfunction in Washington and doesn’t want to see that happen here in Arkansas.   

“Throughout my life, I have always put common sense over partisan politics,” said Ross. “I am proud to be an Arkansas Democrat and to be my party’s nominee, but I’m not running to be governor of the Democratic Party or the Republican Party; I’m running to be governor for all Arkansans. And, I will work with anyone who is willing to work with me to find common ground and to put middle-class families at the front of the line.” 

Ross received the endorsement of the National Rifle Association in his primary. He has also received the endorsement of 65 of the state’s 75 county sheriffs, 56 of the 75 county judges, Governor Mike Beebe, President Bill Clinton and the Arkansas Education Association, an organization that represents Arkansas’s educators and education support professionals.  

“I have been overwhelmed by the tremendous outpouring of support we’ve received all over the state, and we are well on our way to building the largest grassroots campaign in state history,” said Ross.  “I will take my plan for Arkansas’s future directly to the people in all 75 counties over the next five months.  I may be outspent, but no one will work harder.” 

Ross said voters have clear choices for governor when they cast their ballots in the November general election. 

“The campaign for governor begins right here and right now,” said Ross. “Voters now have very different choices for their next governor. We can tear down the progress we’ve made over the last few years and let partisan politics sweep over Arkansas. Or, we can build on the foundation Governor Beebe has laid and work together to build a better, brighter Arkansas for every child and every family in this great state.”

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