Momentum Is Moving In Hot Springs

HOT SPRINGS, AR -- More than three months after a fire destroyed an important part of history in downtown Hot Springs, hopes are high that the city can come back bigger and better than ever.

The Majestic Hotel fire started a movement towards revitalization.

People living there, business owners and city leaders are all working together to make sure the spotlight stays on Hot Springs.

After a fire destroyed parts of the Majestic Hotel in February, business owners noticed something unique...momentum building to help revitalize the downtown area which would also help bring more tourism and more money to Hot Springs.

Resident Brenda Brandenburg said, "If we can bring everyone together, I think we can save this place."

Brandenburg is talking about the Majestic Hotel.

She knows for revitalization to reach the city, the site of the Majestic Hotel fire needs to be cleaned up first.

As the city works with the owner to make that happen, Uptown business owner -- Hannah Mills -- works diligently on a plan of her own.

She's organizing summer festivals in the area.

This Saturday is one of those festivals.

There will be vendors, music and food.

Mills said, "It's positive energy on Park Avenue."

But the main idea for the summer festivals is to create an atmosphere that shows people the potential of Hot Springs and why they should spend money here.

Mills said, "Now is an excellent time to invest in Park Avenue. Prices are still low enough anyone can invest!"

Summer Fest will be the second Saturday of every month through October.

So, it's tomorrow from 10:00 a.m-3:00 p.m. in the 200 block of Park Avenue.

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