Moms Fight for Justice Before Arkansas Parole Board

LITTLE ROCK, AR - "He was the one person in my life that loved me unconditionally."

Through tears of testimony,

"I will tell you about my child."

two moms bonded by tragedy told the Arkansas Parole Board on Wednesday why the woman responsible for their children's deaths should stay in jail.

"I have a Sean sized hole in my heart and it will never be full again," says Lisa Mabrey.

Sean Mabrey and Kathy Mellinger were killed in 2011 after a drunk driver, heading the wrong way, hit them head-on in northwest Arkansas.

"My daughter was found in the floorboard of that Toyota Corolla still under her seat belt gasping for air," says Margaret Dearing, mother of Kathy Mellinger.

Dorothy Hill is serving an 18 year sentence for two counts of negligent homicide and is now eligible for parole.

"Two and a half years in prison is not enough."

Lisa Mabrey says it's tough to put a number on a life that's gone forever.

"There has to be a balance of justice, it's not about vengence, it's about doing what's right."

And mom Margaret Dearing wants parole board members to keep in mind what was taken from her.

"You have to choose her last dress, just like you chose her first dress," says Dearing.

If were up to this mom duo,

"Please think about it before you release this woman."

Hill would stay behind bars and never be behind the wheel.

"I expect her to never have a driver's license again."

Because they couldn't bare the pain of the same thing happening to other parents.

"It's always there, it is always there and don't let her take that from anyone else."

We spoke with Hill's attorney today about his client's possible parole, but he did not want to comment.

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