Monroe Isadore Death: New Information

LITTLE ROCK, AR - We're inside the Plaza Hotel just outside the conference room where attorneys plan to reveal this video at 6 p.m.

Attorneys for the family of Monroe Isadore say the video will show more details about that night and the give us a better view of the shooting from the view of police.

Their argument is police could have avoided shooting Monroe in September of last year.

Video from the incident shows the 107-year-old man barricaded himself into his room and when approached by police fired multiple rounds.Police fired back shooting and killing Isadore.

Special prosecutors found officers followed procedures, attorneys argue it could have ended differently.

We asked how is this video is different than video released by authorities months ago.

"The only difference is it gives you more detail you see what they saw for a longer period of time and try to get into their minds why they made this decision that we believe goes against policy," says family attorney Benjamin Crump.

In less than an hour family and interested community members will meet to see this new video.

Attorneys invited local authorities and city leaders so far the city and county attorneys along with Pine Bluff Police say they don't plan to attend.

Friends and family have started to show up, they asked us to stay outside the room while they continue to review video.

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