More Homes Searched for Escaped Inmate Buffington, Another Dead End


PINE BLUFF, AR- Another tip leads to another dead end.

"I opened the front door for them and they went in," says Pine Bluff homeowner Ben Parker.

Officers flooded his home in Princeton Pike, hoping to find Timothy Buffington.

"There have been no confirmed sightings of Buffington since he was caught on that home surveillance camera the night he left prison," says Shea Wilson with the Department of Correction.

Efforts have scaled back to just a command center taking calls this week following Buffington's escape more than two weeks ago from the Pine Bluff prison.

But that hasn't stopped home owners like Ben Parker from checking on his rental property to make sure Buffington isn't there.

"There was a television report that he was seen on the area between Princeton Pike and Claud road. I drove out here and checked the property to see if there was any forced entry,"  says Parker.

Parker wasn't the only one checking the home. Crews came by Thursday for a second check after receiving a tip.

"They cleared the entire inside and checked it for signs of someone having been there and told me it looked as secure as they thought it was," says Parker.

That tip, like many others turning up nothing. The Department of Corrections tell us that in the past they have found escapees via public tips.

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