More Than 4,000 Absent During Mandatory School Makeup Days

LITTLE ROCK, AR - On a normal school day in the Little Rock School District just over 1,700 students are absent.

But get this, on Friday more than 4,000 were absent.

Monday, more than 2,000.

Students not showing up for mandatory makeup days ordered by the state missed during the winter storm.

One parent who did send her students to school says she's not happy with what is going on in the classroom.

Yep with only one day until school is out for the summer these students at Gibbs Magnet Elementary in Little Rock still focused and participating in the lesson of the day.


Dr. Felicia Hobbs, Principal at Gibbs says it's simple.

"We want to make school still engaging no matter what time of the day and whether or not school is extended for the school year," says Hobbs.

School was extended for this year because of missed days during the winter storm.

Now some parents are concerned about what their children are learning during a time kids would normally be out of school.

April Moore has two children at Williams Magnet Elementary and received this email from her child's teacher about a week ago saying no attendance would be taken and she didn't have to send her child to school, and the child's things would be ready for pickup.

"My first concern was I had told the children's grandparents who live out of the country not to come during this time because the children would be in school, had I known it was optional I would have let them come at this time."

April says her daughter confirmed what the teacher said in the email.

"My daughter said yesterday and my son both said attendance was not taken and my daughter said she spent most of the day watching Mary Poppins," says Moore.

Dr. Hobbs says she knows it's hard to stay focused so close to the end of the school year but at Gibbs, teachers will follow a lesson plan as normal because education is just as important,

"Being the first day of school."

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