Mother Bailed out of Jail Day after Baby, Father Found Dead

DANVILLE, AR - A family of three at the center of an investigation one day after search crews found a man and his baby in the woods of the Ouachita Mountains.

The child's mother being called the only person of interest.

Brooke Floyd, 21, was initially arrested for endangering a minor and hindering apprehension. The Yell County Sheriff says more charges could be possible but that will ultimately be up to the Prosecutor.

Her 10-month old-son, Harper, and her husband, Brian, were found dead Tuesday (7/29) in the Ouachita Mountains following a five-day search.

Wednesday night, just over 24 hours later, Floyd posted bond.

She has acquired the help of Little Rock Attorney, Bill James. He says her family likely bailed her out after trying to raise the money.

According to the Sheriff's Department, Floyd still faces charges of hindering apprehension and endangering the welfare of a minor.

While James says he he doesn't have all the facts yet, he did shed some light on a case that, until this point, has left many questions unanswered.

"I can tell you that she did nothing to endanger her child that she didn't have to do," James revealed. "I think she was doing the best she could under the circumstances."

Those circumstances however, are still unknown.

According to Sheriff Bill Gilkey, Brooke Floyd is one of three pieces to the case including her husband Brian and son, Harper.

He suggests that no one else would be brought in to the investigation.

"At this time I don't foresee that," Sheriff Gilkey answered over the phone Wednesday.

So Sheriff Gilkey was asked if there was anything that leads him to believe this could be considered a murder-suicide.

To that he added, "I wouldn't think so, no."

Authorities found Floyd in an area near the search location. Authorities called her condition scraped and bruised. 

James called it injured and beat up.

"She didn't beat herself up so someone did," James went on. "We're not sure exactly who. We think it was her husband actually."

Sheriff Gilkey would not verify that part of the investigation.

He said, "I'm not gonna comment on that."

Sheriff Gilkey wanted to make it clear that at this point they're waiting on the Medical Examiner to do a job and determine a cause of death of Brian and Harper so that the Sheriff's Department can finish their job and the investigation.

Brooke Floyd has a first appearance scheduled for next week but no official charges have been filed yet.

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