Mother Copes With Disappearance of Daughter

CLARKSVILLE, AR.-Even the soothing sound of music can't take the pain away of losing a loved one.

"You can't not go you can't stop looking" says Gloria Denton.

The pain Gloria Denton is feeling on the 10th anniversary of her daughter's disappearance.

"You will never share a meal with them. you will never hug them. You will never hold their hand. It's lonely and it's real empty"says Gloria Denton.

Saturday, Gloria with the help of family and friends held a vigil for her daughter April Pitzer. She says Pitzer went missing June 28th 2004 in Newberry Springs California.

"I kept trying to get a hold of her but there was no answer but the last thing she said to me was mommy I'm coming home I'm coming home" says Gloria Denton.

Since then Gloria and others have been searching tirelessly for any signs of April.

"I go once or twice a year with the help of volunteers" says Gloria Denton.

Still with no body or signs of her daughter,10 years later Gloria is finally putting Aprils soul to rest.

"So they can move on and so my family can move on and it's out of respect for her I think I need to do it today".

According to reports allegedly some of her belongings were found in 2005 inside a mine-shaft in the Mohave Desert. That is just 30 miles away from where she was last seen.

Gloria says she's still talking with detectives in California to get updates on the case.

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