Natural State Jackpot: $405,000 up for Grabs

LITTLE ROCK, AR - Players will try again tonight to grab the biggest ($405,000) Natural State Jackpot (NSJ) in the game's history.

Lottery officials say this amazing jackpot amount is a direct result of Arkansas player interest and excitement in the game.  

The game has not reached this level of play, number of consecutive draws without a top prize winner (62 draws) or jackpot range in the 506 drawings since the game’s first on Aug. 27, 2012.  

In Tuesday night’s NSJ drawing there were 34 players who matched four of the five numbers drawn, each of those players were just one away from winning the jackpot amount. The odds of matching four of the five numbers drawn are just 1 in 3,387.

April 8 NSJ game ticket sales totaled over $151,600, making it the highest single day of sales for the game, along with the highest number of prize winners 17,382, in a single day of play. 

NSJ players choose just 5 numbers between 1 and 39 in this game and player’s can choose to play up to 20 consecutive draws in NSJ. Each play costs $1. The game is drawn six nights a week (Monday through Saturday), at 8.   

The Natural State Jackpot game is only available in Arkansas. If there is no Jackpot Winner tonight, the game will roll to $410,000 for the Thursday night drawing.  

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