Natural State Jackpot: Lonoke Man Wins Record Breaking $410,000

LITTLE ROCK, AR (News release) - Thursday’s Record Breaking Jackpot of $410,000, has a winner! This amount marked the largest Natural State Jackpot level for the game to date! The games popularity and this Jackpot amount is a direct result of Arkansas player interest and excitement in the game.

The game had not reached that level of play, number of consecutive draws without a top prize winner (63 draws) or Jackpot range in the history of the game. There has been 508 drawings since the game’s first on August 27th, 2012. The Natural State Jackpot celebrates the highest Jackpot Winner ever in the game!

The success of the game captured the imagination and anticipation of its players, the Natural State Jackpot was won by a player who correctly match the five NSJ numbers drawn last night. In last night’s NSJ drawing there were 42 players who match four of the five numbers drawn, each of those players were just one away from winning the Jackpot amount. The odds of matching four of the five numbers drawn are just 1 in 3,387.

With over 129,000 tickets sold yesterday and the over 575,000 possible NSJ number combinations that could be drawn, one player correctly choose and correctly matched the five unique numbers drawn in the April 10th Natural State Jackpot drawing. The winner of the largest Natural State Jackpot to date is Curtis O’Hare.

Curtis and his wife Brandy live in the town of Lonoke, they have already started planning to save and invest their prize of $410,000. We are thrilled for them and all the Arkansas players who made this NSJ run the most exciting ever!

The winning Natural State Jackpot ticket was purchased at the Doublebee’s Convenience Store location on Bill Foster Memorial Highway in the city of Cabot, Arkansas. We would like to Congratulate The Winner and all the Arkansan’s who participated, had fun and have made this Natural State Jackpot Run so exciting.

The Natural State Jackpot game produced record lottery sales of over $3,186,830 and over 364,400 prize winners during this Jackpot Run from January 15th to April 10th. The success of the Natural State Jackpot game can be seen in the 1,462,486 tickets sold in Arkansas during this Jackpot Run. With prizes won totaling over $1,242,550, a lot of Arkansan’s took home a portion of the games success, excitement and prizes, right along with producing a Jackpot Winner from Cabot and a great amount of funding toward Arkansas Scholarships.

Thursday’s NSJ game saw ticket sales totaling over $145,100, along with 16,330 prize winners in last night’s drawing.

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