New Tool to Cut Down on Speeding in El Dorado

Published 08/14 2014 12:16PM

Updated 08/14 2014 02:26PM

EL DORADO, AR (KTVE) - Thanks to a new grant, the police have set up a speed radar.

A new edition, this speed detector has a set speed, and when you are over it, it flashes a bright white light.

Police say the new radar is not necessarily a speed trap, but a tool to let drivers know how fast they are going.

"It is a warning. It's a tool that we will use to educate the public that the speed they think they are going, is not really what they are going," says Holt.

Capt. Kevin Holt with the El Dorado Police Department, says it’s a way for drivers to focus on the road, instead of getting distracted.

"You know it will work with their speedometer on their car. If they will look at the speed sign, when they realize how fast they are going, and look at their speedometer. They will say 'hmmm maybe I should pay attention to the thing on the dash in front of me'," he says.

Holt wants to remind everyone to be aware of school zones with school starting next week.

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