New Transfer Rules for PCSSD Students

LITTLE ROCK, AR - Registration is under way for the Pulaski County Special School District.

With the recent end to desegregation, it's causing some confusion. 

District Superintendent Dr. Jerry Guess is helping clear up some of our questions.

The desegregation case dates back to the 1980's, but now 30 years later, it's come to an end in central Arkansas.

Now, as parents begin registering their children for the 2014-15 school year, they're puzzled on the transfer process once known as majority to minority.

"We will return, eventually, to neighborhood school attendance," Dr. Guess explains. "The encouraged movement to balance the racial composition of districts." 

With the transfer process gone, here's what it essentially did. It allowed students who were in the majority in their district to transfer to another district school where they would be in the minority, thus integrating races.

With that option ending, signs are posted at PCSSD headquarters, letting parents know about the changes to this new transfer rule.

Dr. Guess tells us it eventually creates neighborhood school systems once again, meaning where you live is where you go to school.

"Instead of the bus routes running all over the 730 square miles that we have, there will be buses assigned to each one of those high school feeder programs. So we are going back to attending school like students in other districts in Arkansas attend school, within a boundary around a high school and the schools that feed it," explains Dr. Guess.

This is just a stop to new transfers. Anyone who is currently in the majority to minority program will be allowed to stay until graduation.

New school registration continues through next week.

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