3-Year-Old Injured by Concrete Falling off Motel Wall; Who's to Blame

BENTON, AR -- Tuesday night a family says they were walking into their motel room when a concrete piece of the wall fell on the foot of their three-year-old child.  A police report says Brayden Bohac was taken a the hospital, he was then transferred to Arkansas Children's Hospital.  He has had two surgeries on his injured foot, with another surgery scheduled for Friday. 

His mother, Tabatha said, "He screamed mommy and that was the last words I heard out of him."

"There was a lot of blood, you could see the ligaments, the tendons, you could see straight through the bottom of his foot."

"He's in shock still.  He's in so much pain that they are shoving morphine down him."

The police report says the incident happened at the Capri Inn in Benton. 

the motel manager, Hasmukh Mehta said, "We will fix it, that block, but he is responsible, we are not responsible, it's an accident."

"I feel bad but I'm not at fault for that."
The owner told us he has filed an insurance claim.  He spoke with his agent who said this appears on paper like a normal liability claim and that traditionally, medical costs are covered.

Now the family and the motel will wait for the claim to be processed.

Tabatha said, "I'm not going to let his dreams be crushed because some person didn't want to make sure their place was stable."

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