A Hot Springs Hospital is 1st in State for New Heart Device

Hot Springs, AR - Mercy Hospital Hot Springs is the first hospital in Arkansas to implant the new Medtronic Reveal LINQ Insertable Cardiac Monitor.  This monitor provides near instant access for doctors of heart patients. 

Dr. Fred Heinemann said, "This new device has been ultra minaturized and made wireless."

The new version of the device is tiny, smaller than an ink pen, and lasting years.

Harold Owens is the second patient in the state to have the LINQ implanted, he said when he saw the device, "That's it, that's a little bitty fellar isn't it?  Last three years."

The device keeps an eye on your heart.

Sabrina Dickerson was the first Arkansas patient she said, "They can find out what's wrong with me passing out."

"I've had all kinds of tests done and it doesn't show anything, so maybe this little device will be able to show what's going on."

Owens said, "I wore one of those big monitors for 30 days, I sent it back on the Thursday because it is cumbersome, it is a pain."

For Hot Springs doctors, the device goes even further.  If patients feel a problem, they use a patient assist, an external device that downloads information.  This patient assist then emails the doctors.

Dr. Heinemann said, "A lot of times we know these are arrhythmias but we just can't document it, so this kind of technology makes it extremely easy to do that documentation."

"You no longer have to guess and say 'well I think it is such and such going on', with these things in, you know it either is or it isn't."

The entire procedure lasts less than a minute.

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