AG: Watch Out For Credit Repair Companies

- LITTLE ROCK, AR-- The Arkansas Attorney General's Office is advising consumers to be aware of out-of-state credit repair companies.

The AG's office says the companies promise to fix your bad credit for an fee, but in reality that's not going to happen.

So the agency is asking a court to prohibit CMCS services, of Fort Worth, Texas, from doing business in the state until it responds to a civil investigative demand issued in December.

In the meantime, consumers should beware.

"The truth is the company can not legitimately help (consumers) repair their credit and they are just taking these advance fees and walking away from the consumers giving (consumers) no relief," said deputy Attorney General James DePriest.

The department reminds consumers the best approach to restoring good credit is through timely payments of credit balances.

The agency reminds Arkansas consumers that consumers themselves can do almost anything that a credit repair organization can do, usually at little or no cost.

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