Another Sheridan Student Gives Opinion on Having His Yearbook Profile Pulled


SHERIDAN, AR -- Two weeks ago the Sheridan School District made a decision to leave seven student profiles out of the yearbook.

The one getting the most attention focuses on an openly gay teenager. The other six students have remained silent until tonight.

Nick Smith is concerned about the negative attention his school is getting.

He's one of the seven students chosen to have a profile written for the yearbook. His story of choice was about losing his best friend a year ago.

"I'm not really open about it, I don't talk about it a bunch," the sophomore explained.

"I thought it would be cool for everybody else to like read about it, and hear about it, like what I thought about it," said Smith.

The story was based around how Smith's basketball pal turned into his best friend before he passed away.

"It kind of faded away and I thought like if they read my story, it would be cool for them to know what I thought about being his best friend," said Smith.

But instead, a hope of keeping a memory going fell through, as the school district cut the stories.

Smith explained that he didn't understand why they were taking them out. He was kind of confused.

Over the next several days the district's decisions began to trend over the profile of an openly gay student, Taylor Ellis, being pulled.

But classmate Nick Smith doesn't believe the reason for dropping the stories was solely on Taylor Ellis.

"They were all personal stories and I'm just going to say that they were taken out because they were all too personal," explained Smith.

As the story grew the limelight was squarely on Sheridan High School and Taylor Ellis. This didn't sit well with Nick Smith.

"I'm kind of disappointed to the level he took it.  It's got a bunch of attention, negative attention towards the school, towards us, and like I said, it went from six stories to his one story.  His story got taken out because he was gay, I mean we all got taken out," said Smith.

Despite the frustration, Smith's story about his lost best friend isn't going anywhere. "I'll do whatever I can to just remember him," said Smith.

Last week the school district issued this statement:

"We must make decisions that lead in the proper direction for all of our students and for our community."

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