AR Voter ID Law Debate Leads to Lawsuit

LITTLE ROCK, AR - Wednesday afternoon on the steps of the Pulaski County Courthouse a lawsuit was filed in hopes Arkansas' Voter Identification law would be stop.

The American Civil Liberties Union of Arkansas and the Arkansas Public Law Center filed a lawsuit, on behalf of three Arkansas voters, against Secretary of State Mark Martin and several other members of the state board of Election Commissioners.

"You lose your vote, you don't get it back, you don't have a say in that election no matter what the judge says," said Rita Skylar, Executive Director of the ACLU.

"This law is a solution to a nonexistent problem."

"The only purpose it is serving is to place an artificial barrier between these voters and the ballot box," said Holly Dikcson, ACLU's Legal Director.

"In a country that cherishes democracy we should not be making it any harder to participate in that democracy, we should only be making it easier," added Skylar.

The Secretary of State's office would not comment on the suit.

"What we are going to do is we've got to take some time to review the lawsuit and prepare a response," said Alex Reed, Communication Director for Mark Martin.

As for the law itself, Reed said it's a straight forward issue, "It's the law that was passed by the legislature."

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