Arkansas Father Stepping Up for Dad's Rights

LITTLE ROCK, AR -- Arkansas falls close to last in a new study that measures how healthy and strong families are compared to other states.

The Family Research Council released its findings and one Arkansas man told us, he's not surprised.

"Our Facebook page started as a rant for me personally," said Shawn Bosarge, whose family photos show a loving father to his two children.

When he and his wife divorced however, it became clear he needed support.

"There's not really a voice out there representing anybody," he said. "What happens when I'm in this situation, how do I move forward?"

Child support is there for the children, but what about the parents who are having an equally difficult time?

That's why he started the Facebook group 'Equal Rights For Arkansas Fathers' to help himself cope.

"But then messages started coming in speaking of their situations and it made my heart melt," he said.

Others who were going through the same thing, often worse.

Bosarge said the group was made for them to share information and be a support system to broken families.

"For hardworking Dads who are not criminals and don't deserve to be treated like criminals," he said. "That's how we're portrayed."

A place for them to share their story without being judged and hear from others going through the same thing.

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