Bryant Police Urge Parents To Give Kids Lesson On Fake Threats

- LITTLE ROCK, AR -- Bryant Police are giving a stern warning to children who make fake bomb threats.

"Whether it is a hoax or whatever your motivations are, you need to think about your future and how it is going to impact it.," said Sgt. Todd Crouson.

Bryant police say what happened Tuesday at Bryant Middle School could have been avoided, had the student involved made a different decision.

Investigators say a boy made a fake bomb threat, prompting a campus evacuation.

He is now facing a felony charge.

"This is something that he is going to carry with him for a long time now," said Crouson.

Police want to tell students a fake threat to a school is a felony crime and not a simple misdemeanor.

"Obviously you don't want either one on your record, but a felony can stick with you forever or the rest of your life," said Crouson.

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