Building Partially Collapses in Downtown Pine Bluff

PINE BLUFF, AR - Early Friday afternoon, a historic building in Pine Bluff partially collapsed into itself.

The third floor ceiling gave way in the building, leaving a giant hole in the back of the structure.  For security reasons, the Pine Bluff Street Department and the Pine Bluff Fire Department decided to close part of Main Street between 6th and 8th Avenue 

Carter Davis owns a business across the street and heard the building fall. "It shook violently," he said. “We were standing at the back of our shop and it basically just sounded like a bomb blew up, so we walked around the front and couldn't see out the front door from the dust floating around."

Davis closed his business early because of the closure of Main Street. "Because all of our business comes off of Main Street," he said.

Chief Shauwn Howell with the Fire Department said, "There's an ongoing assessment of how much damage was done initially and then we're trying to determine if the building was structurally sound."

Late Friday afternoon, city officials decided to put orange fencing and orange cones around the building.  Several assessments were done and the thought was the building was not going to fall anymore before the end of the weekend. 

Chief Howell said, "Something like this happens and we want to make sure the secure the area."

This was the second building to collapse on Main Street this year, a trend the Chief doesn't like.  

"It's definitely not something that we would like to see happen on our main street.  A lot of these buildings have historical value and a lot of memories for a lot of individuals.  We would love to preserve them as well as we can, but have to remain safe."

No one in the building or injured when it fell.  

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