Little Rock, AR - The 500 block of Main Street in Little Rock is currently undergoing a major renovation.  Several buildings built in the early 1900's are being fixed up, and all of them are getting safer in the process.

Mark Christ of the Arkansas Historic Preservation said some of those buildings are special, "The Cohn's one of the best art deco buildings in Little Rock, if not the state."

Christ added the changes coming to the area are needed, "That will bring vitality to downtown Little Rock and will lead to the rehabilitation of other buildings."

Reed Realty Advisors is one of the groups working on the construction.

Bruce Reed said, "When you work on these buildings you need to protect them, they don't deserve to die."

"They have a soul and it has been put on hold for a while, we are getting the soul back in these buildings."

Safety is not missed during the new construction, especially fire safety.

Reed said, "There's fire resistant drywall 5/8 of an inch thick over everything and the building codes are far superior."

The building will also add fire sprinklers and a night watchman is on location 24 hours a day.

"Our fire prevention program is constant vigilance", Reed said. 

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