Cabot High School Certifying Students to Help Save Lives


CABOT, AR -- Cabot High School is one of only 7 school districts in the state of Arkansas to offer Sports Medicine curriculum.  These courses are proving to be popular with 325 students enrolled. 

Catalina McKinney is a junior, she said, "It's pretty cool because the last school I went to we didn't have it."

All of the equipment and classrooms are state of the art.

Jason Cates is in charge of the program. "We're not just competing against Bentonville, but the University of Arkansas, Arkansas State, I mean we want to be the best," said Cates.

Each one of those students, including more than 100 others who are enrolled in Medical Professions curriculum, are certified in CPR and the use of an Automated External Defibrillator.

In fact the Cabot Administration has made a priority of having AED's.  The high school has 37 defibrillators, one every 100 feet. 

 "Most likely if an incident happens your peers are going to be the closest one to you," said Cates.

"In a moment like that if somebody were to fall, or something happened to them, it is just really helpful and amazing to think that I'm actually able to do that," said Kris White, Senior Cabot High student.

"It's pretty cool being able to get a hold of something and being able to save a life," added McKinney.

All of this helped Cabot earn a high distinction.  It is the only school in the state and just the 13th in the nation to be named a Safe Sports School, as a school that has a national standard of athletic health care.

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