City Leader Plans Black-On-Black Crime Task Force

- LITTLE ROCK, AR--A city director is planning a task force to tackle black on black crime in Little Rock. Ken Richardson is hoping to form a committee to track how existing services can better coordinate to help improve opportunities for black men and boys.

Tuesday night Richardson announced to the board he plans to create the task force to take deeper look at city services, juvenile justice and social services to see where there is overlap, potential for partnership and mostly to see if these services are communicating effectively.

Richardson says, "If you look at those folks doing it they have poor educational outcomes, poor employment outcomes, there are a number of social ills impacting development or lack of development. I think once we get those entities talking to address those issues early on we will be more likely to figure out ways to address the needs of disconnected youth and adults."

Right now the the city of Little Rock dedicates $5.5 million to prevention and training programs. Just last week the city ranked the 5th most dangerous mid-size city in the country for the second year in a row.

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