Community Giving Back to Fire Victims

Little Rock, AR - A day after a fire ripped through a Little Rock apartment complex, residents are trying to get back on their feet.  Thursday morning a blaze destroyed 16 apartments, moving 30 people out of their homes at Out in the Woods Apartments.  Friday was a day to pick up the pieces, and try to fix what could be repaired.

Tasha Shumate is a victim of the fire, she said, "It's very devastating to come home and your apartment is completely gone."

"There's no going back, so everything is pretty much gone."

But Friday afternoon a spirit of giving was abundant.  The management at Out in the Woods opened its clubhouse to becoming a mobile mall of giving. 

Shumate said, "It's just a blessing to see all these things, and I'm just excited that I can, kind of replace those things that were lost."

Apartment manager, Marsha Womack, said, "Free shopping for only the people that were in building five."

"Arkansans always come together but I must say my residents are fabulous."

From Thursday evening into Friday morning neighbors of the fire victims donated blankets, clothes, even pots and pans.  That spirit of giving continued as St. Vincent's Hospital donated comforters, and other people brought items in by the bag.

Shumate said, "I have a lot to smile about because even though everything is gone, God has provided a way where things are being replaced."

Out in the Woods told us it would continue to accept any donations.

The Little Rock Fire Department is continuing its investigation into the cause of the fire. 

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