Conway Woman Suing Gusano's, Twice

Little Rock, AR - In November Jackie Conners was fired from a Conway restaurant, months later she has filed two lawsuits against Gusano's, and its companies. 

The story began as Conners saw a woman breastfeeding while drinking at Gusano's, where she was a waitress, in November.  She said she voiced concerns to her manager but nothing was done, until she was later fired. 

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Now her lawyers have filed suits.

Tim Steadman of Holleman and Associate, said "We actually have two lawsuits on behalf of Ms. Conners, one in federal court and one in state court."

On the state level, the suit is a wrongful termination suit.

Steadman said, "Under Arkansas law you can't be fired for reporting a crime."

"And under the circumstances that's a pretty outrageous firing is what we've alleged."

The second suit names eight other waitresses, but as a collective action suit, it could include all former and current wait staff at Gusano's.

Steadman said, "The federal lawsuit is about tip pulling."

The issue is over hourly pay and tips.

"At Gusano's, what we've alleged, is that servers at the end of their shift, they pay a certain percentage of their gross sales back to the restaurant and this money is distributed to cooks."

"Who (cooks) are not tipped employees and can't participate in the tip pull."

"Some of the money is retained by the restaurant."

According to Conners' attorney, all of this was done incorrectly. 

We did call Gusano's and its company, our message was not return. 

The state suit is asking for more than the federal diversity jurisdiction of $75,000.  There has not been a court date set.

In the federal suit, it is asking for back pay for employees.  A tentative court date is set for March of 2015. 

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