Coyotes in West Little Rock

Little Rock, AR - The Villages of Wellington in West Little Rock are taking a proactive approach to coyotes.  Recently the property owner's association sent out an email flyer asking folks to look out.

The flyer warns, "Please ensure that your pets are kept inside if possible and that water and food sources (including your trash cans) are not readily accessible in your yard to help minimize coyote interaction."

Vice President of the POA, Brooks Harrington said, "We are the ones who have kind of envaded their space, and so they're just looking for food, especially with the cold weather that's been around recently, they're probably scrapping for food. "

According to the Arkansas Game and Fish Commission, coyotes in Arkansas are not that uncommon. The Game and Fish Commission says if you do come across a coyote, making a lot of noise should scare them off. 

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