Crews Staying on Streets Until Roads are Clear

LITTLE ROCK, AR - Sunday's winter weather is keeping crews on the highways and biways around the Natural State. 

The Arkansas Highway and Transportation Department (AHTD) will have workers on the streets 24 hours a day until it feels roads are safe. 

"Our crews will be out there until there is a vast improvement everywhere across the state.  We'll be working overnight tonight and again tomorrow night if we need to, with a chance of precipitation tomorrow night.  So we will be out there around the clock battling it and making the surfaces safer for motorists," says David Nilles, with the AHTD.

Tuesday's sunlight saw plenty of melting, but the highway department feels more trouble could show up Wednesday morning.

"That melting today will refreeze. Our crews in Central Arkansas will be out treating those areas, putting down sand and salt in areas where that might ice over, because that will be dangerous conditions in the morning for everybody," Nilles says.

The highway department says it has 1,000 workers and 700 pieces of equipment focused on the roads. 

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