Deputy Arrests Tarnish Faulkner Co. Sheriff's Office Image

- CONWAY, AR--The Faulkner County sheriff's office is working to repair its tarnished reputation after another officer- lands in jail.

Conway police arrested Datavian Bowser Saturday night for disorderly conduct and allegedly providing alcohol to a minor, his 20-year-old roommate.

Bowser denies many of the allegations in the 8-page police report. He worked for the Faulkner County Sheriff's Office for seven months before he resigned following his arrest over the weekend. His former employer says even though he left, they're still stuck with the bad image.

Conway police say they arrived at the Grove Apartments late Saturday night and made their way to noisy apartment. Police say they smelled what they believed to be marijuana and tried go inside to break up a party but they claim Bowser resisted.

The sheriff's office says this is the employee arrested since March and it's hurting their standing with the community.

Over the phone, Chief Deputy Matt Rice says, "Everybody here knows we are held to a higher standard and sometimes we have to remind folks of that. Police officers aren't perfect but we are held to a higher standard and we try to remind people of that so we don't have problems like this."

Chief Deputy Rice says he will likely revisit with deputies and detention officers to remind them of how they should conduct themselves. Bowser is now questioning the use of force during his arrest and researching legal options.

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