DHS Revokes Bryant Daycare's License

- BRYANT -- The Department of Human Services has revoked the license of a daycare accused of multiple violations, including rehiring an employee accused of mistreating a child in their care.

The Division of Childcare and Early Childhood Education revoked Wisdom Tree Learning Center's license in February, less than a week after Keyuanna Coats was arrested for dragging a child across the floor at the facility. Surveillance video of the incident was later released to the public.

In the letter to revoke the license, DHS says its decision is based on Wisdom Tree's "demonstrated inability to make the sound management judgments required to insure that children in care at [the] facility are safe and adequately cared for."

The letter also lists several areas of continued non-compliance with regulations for Arkansas daycares, including improper staff-to-child ratio, incomplete record keeping, and inability to keep medications and poisonous substances locked away from the reach of children.


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