Donna Terrell Explores Natural Hair Movement

LITTLE ROCK, AR - You see it online, with social media and YouTube, it's called the Natural Hair Transition Movement and it's everywhere.

"You see women in Brazil coming together, women in Africa coming together and of course in the United States. So I think it's a beautiful movement," explained Angelita.

Angelita Thomas stopped getting her hair permed and pressed and went natural because she wanted healthy hair.

Although today her hair is flat-ironed, most times she shows off her natural curls.
"I think sometimes we forget that our hair is a part of our body just like our skin, our nails. So it's refreshing to see women like myself and you embracing it," said Angelita.
"I used a variety of products," explained Angelita.

It was tough at first for Nakia Amour Smith Dedner. Her hair was so damaged from being over-process that she chose to go natural.

It was a struggle at first to find hair products that worked, so she went to the kitchen and started making her own.

"So after almost 9 to 12 months of working in my kitchen, I finally had a full line that works for me," said Nakia.

Others loved her hair so much they wanted her recipe.
"I got enough of those requests where I decided to try to take it to the next level," said Nakia.

Which resulted in a money-making business of natural hair care products that carry her name. And business is booming.

"It's been a beautiful journey," explained Nakia.

But not everyone is going back to their roots.
"Been there done that. I'm not gonna do it," explained Lana Nayles.

Lana has a chemical relaxer in her hair that keeps it straight. 
"I wore my hair natural for about 3 years and it just didn't work for me," said Lana.

She said it didn't look right and was too much work.  
"If you want it to look good, you have to take care of it daily," explained Lana.

Lana's daughter Kai is only six-years-old.

"Do you think one day you might get a relaxer?" asked Donna.

"I don't know," answered Kai.
A decision that may be up to mom.
"My husband, who wears his hair in a natural state - it's like give and take - and he's like "no". That's how it goes in our house," said Lana.

But for those who are embracing the movement...

"I think we all have something beautiful within us. If you want to wear your hair straight or you want to wear weave that's fine. But natural is beautiful too," said Angelita.
One thing that's helping to drive the movement is that there are tons of products on the market for natural hair.

There was a time, years ago, when products were hard to find. 

You'll find people like Nakia who made her own products and now she's reaping the benefits in more ways than one.

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