Family Believes Lost Dog Reclaiming FeeToo High

NORTH LITTLE ROCK, AR - Early in June, a 13-year-old terrier mix named Torrey ran away from home.  More than a month later, his family found him at the Little Rock Animal Village. 

Rhonda Soule said, "I have him in my arms; I'm so excited. I'm like 'Okay, what do I need to do?', and they said it will be $400."

A big bill that put a financial pinch on this family.

"I feel like had I not been able to borrow the fee, then he probably would have been euthanized."

"It wasn't a vacation for him and it wasn't a vacation for us--far from a vacation for either."

Soule said Torrey was in the adoptable dog kennel at the Animal Village and once she claimed him, she said the fee immediately increased.

"The adoption fee is $90. I was prepared to pay to adopt my dog."

According to a release from the Animal Village, "The impound fee for all reclaimed dogs is $50 plus $10 per day of boarding".  The release said Torrey was there 35 days, so the math adds up with this policy. 

But Soule said the price is still too steep. "I have questions about where the $400 is going.  It's a non profit, but that sounds like a profit to me."

The Animal Village statement continued, "We are happy the dog is back with its owner, and we are glad we were able to provide shelter and care for the dog during that period of time."

Soule hopes the Village will reconsider the charges. 

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