Firework Explosion In Mailbox Has Neighbors On Edge

LITTLE ROCK, AR -- A mailbox explosion has a Little Rock neighborhood on edge.

Fireworks were set off in a mailbox at a home on Knollwood Street in Little Rock.

Neighbors say the prank could have caused the house to burn down.

And they want the guilty party caught.

Neighbor Jessica Kerr says the explosion was like a bomb going off across the street from her house.

"It was so loud, it shook our entire house," Kerr said.

She said she saw a group of unknown males walk down their street around 9 p.m.

She says one of them went up to the front of her neighbor's house and lit an explosive firework.

"Placed it in her mailbox and it exploded at least 20 feet in the air and into the middle of the street," said Kerr.

The mangled mailbox and charred door frame is all that remains.

Kerr called 911, but decided to take action and put the flames out herself.

Laquesha Graham lives at the house, but was not home at the time.

However, her family members were inside.

She's grateful her neighbors were around to keep the fire from spreading.

"Lighting the firecracker in the mailbox could have set the whole house on fire," Graham said. "Last night I got home to fire trucks and police and bomb squad."

Kerr says they used buckets of water from a children's swimming pool across the street to put out the fire.

"I had to extinguish that before the fire department arrived, or they would have been dead in there," Kerr said.

The victims have filed a report with the Little Rock Police.

The vandals returned around 2 a.m.

Officers were actually called back twice looking for the group.

If you know anything about this you are asked to call Little Rock Police.

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